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Welcome New Residents


We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




Pool News


8:00-am - 10:00pm Daily

All Members who are current with their assessments can now access the tennis court using the same FOB that is used for the pool.

The FOB access is between 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.

The Tennis courts, the walk way, along with all the neighborhood amenities (Clubhouse, Parking lots, Pool) now have 24 hour daily recorded video surveillance.

The gate to the Tennis courts must be closed after entry to the court, during play, and closed when leaving the court. Should the gate be left open more than 45 seconds, an audible alarm will sound and notifications to authorities will be made. Please help us avoid notifying the authorities in the event the gate is left open.

Riverwalk Tennis Court Rules

  • The Tennis Courts are for Tennis Only!
  • Proper Tennis shoes must be worn, No street shoes
  • No food or glass containers – Leave Courts clean
  • No smoking – No Pets
  • No Bicycles, skateboards, skates, rollerblades or other such items
  • Do not jump over or stand on nets
  • Keep gate closed at all times
  • Tennis Court Hours – 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM Daily
  • Tennis Courts and Parking lot are under 24 hour recorded video surveillance