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Welcome New Residents


Welcome New Residents!

We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

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Monthly Board Meetings

The Riverwalk HOA Board schedules regular board meetings at the club house the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30-8:30pm.

Minutes Online:

Click here for Riverwalk Homeowners Association Minutes

Pool Hours and Rules:

Click here for Pool Hours and Rules

Tennis Hours and Rules:

Click here for Tennis Hours and Rule

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

Interested in renting out the pool or clubhouse? Click on the link below and return the document to Paul Lunsford or Byerl Sawyer.

Pool / Clubhouse Rental Agreement


Riverwalk appreciates the support of our sponsors: AllState, and Jeff Justice & Company Realtors.

We encourage residents to view their pages.



Recap of Previous News

2017 Annual Riverwalk Yard Sale May 13

The 2017 Annual Yard Sale will be Saturday, May 13 from 9:00am - 4:00pm.  The permit number will be on our sign at the entrance to the subdivision. If you would like to participate, simply put a balloon on your mailbox indicating you are part of the yard sale.

If you have any questions, contact Paul Lunsford at 770-949-4740 or hoatreasurer@msn.com

Annual Neighborhood Meeting Follow-up

The 2016 Annual Meeting was held successfully on Monday December 5, 2016 with 66 members either present or represented by proxy. During the meeting Allison Tinsley and Paul Lunsford were re-elected by acclimation to new 2 year terms on the HOA Board. In addition the proposed 2017 budget was approved 63 yes, 3 no.

The Board met briefly after the annual meeting for the board organizational meeting. Officers for 2017 will remain the same:

  • President: David Tapia
  • Vice President:  Beryl Sawyer
  • Treasurer:  Paul Lunsford
  • Secretary:  Tony Farina
  • ACC Chairperson:  Allison Tinsley

The 2017 Annual assessment invoices have been completed and mailed. The annual assessments are $625 and are due and payable upon receipt. Invoices must be paid on or before January 17, 2017 or a 15% late fee will be applied. If you have not received an invoice please respond by email, or contact Paul Lunsford directly at 770-949-4740 or   hoatreasurer@msn.com .

Annual Neighborhood Meeting

The Annual Riverwalk Homeowners Association Meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 5, 2016 and will start promplty at 7:00pm. Please plan on arriving at 6:30 to help facilitate checking in and obtaining ballots.

If you did not get a packet of information the first week of November regarding the meeting, or if you need a copy of the budget, please contact Paul Lunsford at hoatreasurer@msn.com.

In the best interest of maintaining a smooth and orderly flow to the meeting, and with respect to, and in consideration of, the time of everyone involved, we will strictly adhere to the enclosed agenda. As everyone knows, space and seating are limited in the clubhouse. To ensure we are able to accommodate as many members as possible, it is requested that members limit attendance at the meeting to no more than one person from each member lot.

Please review the budget you were sent that has been proposed for 2017. We will be voting on the budget as well as the two board seats that will come open for election to a two year term. If any member has an interest in seeking one of the open board positions, please contact any current board member prior to December 3, 2016 so your name can be included on the ballot. As always, nominations from the floor can be made at the annual meeting.

Please understand, if we do not have a quorum, as constituted by 50% +1 paid members either in attendance or by proxy, the meeting cannot proceed with voting on any issue. If necessary a second meeting will be scheduled, and the current board will continue to conduct business until a quorum is reached at a future scheduled annual meeting.


Pool Closed for the Season

The Riverwalk Pool closed for the season on September 12, 2016.

Movie Night on the Lawn - CANCELLED

6-1-16: The Riverwalk Movie Night On The Lawn has been CANCELLED

Due to a lack of interest in participating, the Movie Night on The Lawn scheduled for Saturday June 25, 2016 has been cancelled. Thanks to those who did respond to our email and flyer, apologies to all who had hoped to attend.

RHOA Social Committee:
Call/Text: Allison Tinsley @ 248-909- 2293 or devine54pic@att.net
Sherrill Lunsford@ 404-281- 4693 or Sherrill_Lunsford@msn.com

2016 Annual Riverwalk Yard Sale Weekend

The 2016 Annual Yard Sale Weekend will be April 8th and 9th. There is NO charge to participate this year as we were able to get some free advertising about our event! We will be putting up our Neighborhood Garage Sale Banner to draw in traffic from Hwy 5. In the case of a rain out, an alternate date will be scheduled.

Please advise Paul Lunsford (770-778-6991) hoatreasurer@msn.com , if you plan to participate.

Annual Meeting Followup

(Feb 2016) Many thanks to everyone who attended (or sent in a proxy for) the 2015 Annual meeting held on February 16th!

  • The budget passed, and Annual Dues for 2016 will be $625 per household, which is a reduction of $5 from last year. Bills will be mailed out shortly so please watch your mailbox! 
  • Many thanks to all 5 of the candidates seeking a position on the board. After a tally of the votes, it was announced at last night that Byerl Sawyer, David Tapia, and Tony Farina have been re-elected to serve for the next 2 years.  There will be an  Executive Board meeting next week  to determine board positions for the next year.

Re-Scheduled Annual Meeting now February 16th

At the annual December 2015 Homeowners meeting, a quorum was not present to vote on the annual budget. As a result, the annual meeting of the Riverwalk Homeowners Association has been re-scheduled for February 16, 2016 at 7:45pm. Please note the following:

  1. Documents provided prior to the December meeting are still valid. If you need a copy of these documents, please contact a Board member.
  2. Proxies collected prior to the December meeting are still valid.
  3. Those who want to run for the Board please send an email to Board President, Byerl Sawyer at berylsawyer@comcast.net prior to February 13, 2016.
  4. In the absence of a quorum of homeowner, the 2016 budget as well as the annual dues shall be the same as 2015. Also, since this is the second scheduled meeting, the scheduling of additional meetings, if any, shall be determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with Riverwalk HOA Covenants and Bylaws.

Please be there to support your HOA Board.

No December Monthly Meeting

The December Monthly Board meeting for December 16th has been cancelled. We apologize for the late notice. As always, if you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact one of your HOA Board Members.

We look forward to seeing you all next month for the rescheduled 2015 Annual HOA Meeting . As soon as the new meeting date is set, we will send out an official announcement.

Annual Membership Meeting - No Quorum
Meeting to be Rescheduled

We did not have enough eligible lot owners and/or proxies present at last night's annual meeting, therefore no business was conducted. We needed 51% of eligible lot owners. We did hold a question and answer session. Per the bylaws, the existing board will stay in tact and function as normal.

We will get back to you soon with a new meeting date - tentatively to be scheduled in January 2016.

Thank you to those who were able to attend or send in your proxies!

Reporting Street Light Outages

On numerous occasions the Board Members are advised about street lights that are not functioning. The street lights operated by Greystone Electric, are under Douglas County control and are paid as part of everyone's property taxes each year. The reporting of street light outages or problems can best be addressed by going to the website form below and reporting the outage directly to Greystone.

https://forms.greystonepower. com/forms/wss/form32.html

Summer Pool Hours  

We are counting on all residents to help keep us looking our best. Below are the pool rules. Review these rules and be sure your adolescent and adult children are aware of them.

Remember - You are allowed to bring up to 6 guests at a time to the pool. Please be aware, YOUR GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED to use the pool unless you are WITH them!

If you have any questions about this, please contact your HOA President.

POOL HOURS for the 2016 SEASON:

Sunday - Thursday: 9 AM - 10 PM
Friday and Saturday
: 9 AM -
11 PM 

Visit our Pool Page for details and policies

Riverwalk Activities Instruction Policy Update

After receiving a printout of our actual HOA insurance policy and further discussion with the insurance underwriter, the Riverwalk Homeowners Association, Inc. Board of Directors issues the following revised policy:

Any member in good standing may give swim, tennis, aerobics or other instruction with the following conditions:

1. A Certificate of Liability Insurance listing:

  • Name of person insured.
  • Effective dates of the policy.
  • Limits of the policy.
  • Minimum coverage of $1,000,000
  • Certificate must list the Riverwalk Homeowners Association, Inc. as an Additional Insured.
  • Certificate must be presented to the Board directly from the issuing insurance office, by one of the following means: USPS to Riverwalk Homeowners Association, Inc, P.O. Box 6122, Douglasville, GA 30154 or e-mailed to dionrking@gmail.com

No instruction may begin until the above has been received by the Board and acknowledgment sent to the applicant.

2. Lessons and group activities may be conducted between 10:00am and 2:30pm Monday through Thursday only as to not inconvenience other members during normally busier times.

Non-members may NOT receive instruction or participate in any of these activities on HOA property. Nonmembers may be guests of a member for recreational purposes only, not to receive instruction.

Our insurance policy EXCLUDES medical payments for anyone injured while participation in “athletic activities.”

The Board apologizes for the confusion and delays. We received a copy of the insurance booklet only this week and a discussion with the Supervising Underwriter cleared up the conflicting information that was received by the Board previously. We will be happy to e-mail a copy of the Insurance Policy to any member who requests one. 

Please Don't Tape Signs/Flyers to Stop Signs

PLEASE DO NOT tape anything to our stop signs or their posts! We can and have been fined for it and will pass that fee on to anyone who is responsible. Previous signs by residents and have already damaged (removed paint from) a few of our signs. Please do not adhere anything on to the stop signs or their posts! Thank you for your cooperation!

Septic Tank Cleaning Information:

Residents are required to have their septic tanks cleaned out every few years and many residents have started receiving letters of reminder asking for proof of having had this service performed.

Bill Upton HOA Board member called numerous septic companies. Residents can choose any company they wish. One company Bill Upton, HOA Board member found is Hamby's at 770-439-1449. They quoted $265-315 for 1000 gallon tanks and $315-380 for 1500 gallon tanks.

Other recommended companies by residents who have recently used their services are:

  • Septic Solutions: 770-489-2095 or 770-942-PUMP
  • Seabrook Septic: 770-942-0188
Pool Guest Policy:

There has been an incident at the pool with non-resident swimmers who had been invited to use the pool by a resident who was not present. Please be aware, YOUR GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED to use the pool unless you are WITH them!

Trash cans are supposed to be stored out-of-site from the road.
Low maintenance vinyl screens are available for $20 and up at Lowe's and or Home Depot.

Important Neighborhood Reminders...click here

We need contact information for those of you who have closed on your homes. We want to be able to keep you up to date when neighborhood emails are sent out.

Please email us at riverwalkhoa@gmail.com with your name, address, phone number and contact email address. We will also include your information in the next printed directory. You can also Click Here to fill out a form to stay up to date