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Minutes -
Riverwalk Monthly Board Meeting
March 16, 2016

The March 16, 2016, regular monthly board meeting was called to order by President David Tapia.

A quorum existed with the following board members in attendance:

  • Paul Lunsford, Treasurer
  • Tony Farina, Secretary
  • Beryl Sawyer, Vice President
  • Association Members in attendance Bill Upton

Open Membership discussion:

Bill Upton stopped by the board meeting to make the board aware that there continues to be issues with individuals using the area immediately behind the kiddie play area for what appears to be substance abuse activities. The board acknowledged the issue and advised Bill that when these situations occur he should call the Sherriff's department and report the incident and advise any board member. The board will review the possibility of improving the lighting of the kiddie play area.

New Business

•  Paul presented combined bids for renovation of the pool area bathrooms and replacing the water fountain. There were two bids for both projects. The bids were discussed in detail including the costs and how it impacted the budget.

•  Paul made motion to accept the combined bid from Lamar Plumbing Service for the installation of the sinks, repair of all toilets, and replacement of the fountain. The motion was seconded by Tony Farina. The motion passed unanimously.

•  Paul made a motion to accept the bid from Mike Smith Renovations to perform the installation of new doors with hardware, repair sheet rock, and paint the downstairs area. Tony Farina seconded the motion and the motion passed.

•  Paul presented a proposal to purchase a folding chair dolly from School Outfitters in the amount of $210.88 plus shipping and taxes to use at the clubhouse. A discussion was held concerning the need.

•  Paul made a motion to proceed with the purchase, the motion was seconded by Beryl Sawyer, and the motion carried.

•  Beryl presented bids for the Tennis court re-surfacing. There were three bidders and one no bid response. The bidders were Court Makers, Marietta; Talbot Tennis, Marietta, and All Star Renovations, Atlanta. Match Point Tennis did not bid. The conforming and low bid was Court Makers. It is important to note that the courts will just be resurfaced and cracks repaired. There is no guarantee by any bidders that cracks will not re-appear in future years.

•  Paul made a motion to accept the bid from Match Makers to resurface the tennis courts, with blue court areas, and light green outside boundaries, including replacing the nets, new net winches, center hold downs and two benches for use in the court. Tony Farina seconded the motion and the motion passed.

•  Beryl provided the status on the following:

•  All tree removal work that was approved by board members electronically has been completed.

•  All work at the retention ponds recommended by WSA has been completed as approved electronically by the board.

•  All About Lawns has completed the installation of new wing walls at the stairway to the Tennis Court in an effort to prevent run off on the Tennis court, and raising the level of the existing retention wall at the Southeast corner of the Tennis court to prevent run off from the embankment. This work was approved electronically by the board members.

•  All About Lawns completed the repair of the fence section that fell on the east side of the entrance, again this work was approved electronically.

•  Beryl advised that a quote is being obtained from G & H Electric to add lighting to spot light on the Tennis Court gates at all times to both aid people to be able to enter and exit the Tennis court safely, and keep the area lighted at all times in an effort to keep unwanted activities from occurring.

•  Beryl will be obtaining quotes from BlueSky to provide FOB entry to the Tennis court and security cameras for the Tennis court for consideration by the board.

•  Beryl will be obtaining quotes from BlueSky to provide a siren type notification when the pool gate is left open for extended times.

•  David provided updates on requests for quotes on pool maintenance from Brown's Pool. He expects to have the quote for the next board meeting.

•  David opened discussion on how the board should proceed with obtaining pool/restroom services. Beryl will write up a scope of work for this service for board members to approve and then move forward to obtain quotes.

•  Beryl advised that he had one quote for power washing the pool deck. David will obtain additional quotes for consideration.

•  A discussion was held on the pool operating hours for the 2016 season and the board will review and vote on the hours at the next board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned