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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

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Minutes -
Riverwalk Annual (2015) Board Meeting
February 16, 2016

Certification of Proxies: Verified by Treasurer, Paul Lunsford.

Proof of Notice of Meeting: Established by Secretary, Tony Farina.

Quorum: Established by Treasurer, Paul Lunsford -- 82 homeowners signed in, including proxies.

Meeting called to order at 7:45 pm by President, Byerl Sawyer.


  • President -- Byerl Sawyer
  • Secretary -- Tony Farina
  • Treasurer -- Paul Lunsford
  • Covenants -- Phil Sherer

Secretary : Minutes from 2015 HOA Annual Meeting read by Secretary, Tony Farina. Motion by member, Gail Drinkard, to approve minutes as read. Motion seconded by member, Leroy Johnson. Motion passed unanimously.

President: Byerl Sawyer recognized board and HOA members for their contributions in 2015 and presented brief overview of major work accomplished during the year.

Treasurer: Paul Lunsford presented changes to the budget with regard to the implementation of an asset maintenance and replacement plan in order to account for asset lifecycles. He then highlighted the 2016 budget as allocated for maintenance, repairs and improvements to Riverwalk HOA property and common areas, and rationale and overview for the 2016 budget to be voted on, as well as the annual assessment of $630 versus $625 for 2015 and an anticipated assessment of $600 for next year.

Covenants: Covenants Officer, Phil Sherer, presented highlights of architectural control issues in 2015, ranging from new construction home starts and completions, tree removals, unoccupied lot maintenance and violations. A discussion ensued regarding the enforcement of HOA covenants as they pertain to new construction and minimum home size. Motion by member, Chiquita Jenkins, to form an Architectural Control Committee. Motion seconded by member, Mario Perez-Cassar. Motion passed unanimously.

Election: Discussion was closed by President, Byerl Sawyer, at 8:45 pm. The Election Committee, consisting of members, Danny Childs and Khirus Williams, was announced. Candidates for the three open board positions were nominated and included Byerl Sawyer, David Tapia, Tony Farina, Loet Farkas and Allison Tinsley. The candidates werethen given the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves.


Board Election Results:

Byerl Sawyer – 54 votes,
Tony Farina – 51 votes,
David Tapia – 47 votes,
Allison Tinsley – 42 votes, and
Loet Farkas – 36 votes.

Budget: The budget passed as presented by a vote of 77 to 5.

Meeting Adjourned: Motion by member, Leroy Johnson, to adjourn meeting at 9:20 pm. Motion seconded by member, Kit Carson. Motion passed unanimously.