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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




Minutes -
Riverwalk Board Meeting - (Public Session)
August 19, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by President, Byerl Sawyer.

Quorum to conduct business established.


  • President -- Byerl Sawyer
  • Vice-President -- David Tapia
  • Treasurer -- Paul Lunsford
  • Covenants -- Phil Sherer

Reading of Minutes:

Motion by Vice-President, David Tapia, to waive reading of minutes from previous board meeting of July 15, 2015 as Secretary, Tony Farina, was not present. Motion seconded by Treasurer, Paul Lunsford. Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

Treasurer: Provided overview of current financial status, including brief discussion of the status of all projects to date. All budgeted projects have been completed within budget, and additional projects approved by the Board have likewise been completed and within budget.

New Business:

Membership: Several members of the HOA were in attendance to request the clubhouse be made available for an exercise class at no charge to the members.

Board: The Board discussed the request and a motion was made by Treasurer, Paul Lunsford, to approve the use of the clubhouse for the exercise class, provided a formal Social Committee be formed, with the Treasurer as the chairman, to meet regularly and provide the Board with findings and recommendations regarding approval of activities requested by and for the membership. Additionally, it was stipulated that notification of any activities be posted on the HOA website so all members in good standing have ample opportunity to participate. Motion seconded by Covenants, Phil Sherer. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned: Motion by Vice-President, David Tapia, to adjourn meeting at 8:30 pm. Motion seconded by Treasurer, Paul Lunsford. Motion passed unanimously.