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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

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Minutes -
Riverwalk Board Meeting -
April 16, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by Vice-President, David Tapia.

Quorum to conduct business established.


•  Vice-President -- David Tapia
•  Treasurer -- Dion King
•  Covenants -- Charlie Baker
•  Secretary -- Tony Farina

Secretary :

•  Motion by Treasurer, Dion King, to waive reading of minutes from previous board meeting of April 9, 2014. Motion seconded by Covenants Board Member, Charlie Baker. Motion passed unanimously.


•  Motion by Treasurer, Dion King, to deviate from meeting agenda to address HOA member concerns. Motion seconded by Covenants Board Member, Charlie Baker. Motion passed unanimously.

•  Member, Richard Urban, expressed concerns regarding lack of maintenance and upkeep of properties of the Penningtons at 6023 Camelia Drive, and the Williams at 6040 Camelia Drive.

•  Member, Edward Tinsley, raised questions that were discussed as follows:

Availability of financial reports to membership as well as frequency and means of distribution.

Policy for bad debts and writing off accounts receivable.

Status of the lots formerly owned by Riverwalk Enterprises, LLC -- specifically,any assumption of rights, responsibilities and obligations by the new owner.

Posting of the 2013 Annual Meeting minutes to the HOA website.

Posting of executive meeting minutes to the HOA website.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval of construction plans for Lot 79, 5845 Pecan Grove.

Status of delinquent member fees and related collection activity.

Clarification of policies and procedures for ACC approval of exterior lighting, hot tubs not attached to the house, decks, patios and what constitutes “major landscaping” as they pertain to the HOA covenants.

Explore possibility of establishing budget on a month-by-month cash basis to better identify variances and to better forecast cash requirements.

Implications and impact to Declarations, By-Laws and related legal documents as there is no longer a developer.


•  Covenants Board Member, Charlie Baker, submitted the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Report of 04/13/2014 to 04/16/2014.

Submitted requests: 12

Approved requests: 12

Pending requests: 0

Declined requests: 0

Meeting Adjourned:

•  Motion made by Secretary, Tony Farina, to adjourn meeting at 8:00 pm. Motion seconded by Vice-President, David Tapia. Motion passed unanimously.

(These minutes were approved at the 5/21/14 Board Meeting)