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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Quarterly & Board Meeting -
July 15, 2013

Meeting began @  7:06 pm .

Board members present--M. Cobb- K. Lynn--L. Johnson- -D. King--C. Baker

Minutes of last Quarterly meeting read and accepted.

Treasurer's Report -Dion King read treasurer report as of June 2013. Motion passed to accept the Treasurer's report. Question raised to have closing statement for the year ending 2012 for everyone to see. Dion said he would have at next Quarterly meeting for residents. Open discussion on having motions being made and acceptance @ Quarterly meeting. When a quarterly meeting is in addition to the regular monthly board meeting, no motions are required to be passed. When it is also the monthly board meeting, the board will move, second and pass motions.

Vice President's Report -Kenny Lynn reported on pool opening and how pool has been operating so far. He reported that anyone needing pool keys to contact him. Motion made to accept Vice President's report.

Covenant's Report -Charlie Baker reported that empty lots will be cut on a regular basis. He requested that anyone who has suggestions about what needs to be improved contact him. Motion to accept the covenant's report was passed.

The Social committee report was made by Judie Sherrer. There will be a pool and movie event to be held on  August 7, 2013  @ the pool. Board will furnish hot dogs, hamburgers and sodas. This will be pot luck, and the neighborhood will be asked to bring side dishes.

President's report - Mr. Redmond brought up the issue of clearing the common area on the right of way to the retention pond on Elderberry. The board will look into clearing that right of way. Mrs. Cobb also reported that all four ponds have been cleaned out for the amount budgeted for only two ponds. She reported that the neighborhood watch would have a meeting in the near future on safety in our community. Point brought out by Mr. Brooks, that when the police find out that when you have a neighborhood watch, they do not patrol as often.

We have ordered new signs to be posted @ front and @ pool areas so that the police can arrest anyone that are not supposed to be in our neighborhood. Suggestion was made from the floor to post members of neighborhood watch members, so that all would know who they are.

A five member election committee has been appointed to develop an election protocol for the future and to conduct the upcoming election in December.

Question raised from floor by Mr. Brooks on why his letter to Board   has not been answered. Open discussion on his question.


 Leroy C. Johnson, Secretary