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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

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Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Board Meeting -
January 8, 2013

The meeting was call to order at 6:34 pm @ the Clubhouse by Marti Cobb, President:

PRESENT: Marti Cobb, Stephanie Tapia, Leroy Johnson, Bill Upton and Judie Sherrer.

Secretary Report – Judie Sherrer

•  Minutes were read and a motion was made by Leroy Johnson and 2nd by Bill Upton to approve the minutes as stated.

Treasure Report – Leroy Johnson

•  Current HOA Balance as January 8, 2013 was reported (not all of December items had been cleared by the bank) and treasure report was read.

•  ACP Pool Company is sending bills for July and August 2012 for additional services they said that was performed.

•  Liens on properties and vacant lots need to be filed for 2013.

•  As of December 31, 2012 budget is out. Marti read: Per Section 4.04 of the By-laws, we will operate on from last year budget until 2013 is approved. This will allow us to continue paying our operational expenses.

Covenant Report – Bill Upton

•  Billing for December to homeowner and tenant for their continued violations; legally parking vehicles and trailers on Camelia.

•  Received a complaint, regarding trailer in yard on Sequoia Lane. It was removed.

Architectural Review – Bill Upton

•  Homeowner submitted a request for circular driveway. It was approved. Trees cannot be removed and no parking in front of house.

President Report - Marti Cobb: Old Business

•  Attorney - took articles of Incorporated, By-Laws and Amendments to attorney office for legal interpretation.

•  Annual meeting – Marti's suggested that we wait to hear from the attorney and his legal interpretations to questions presented prior to scheduling the next annual meeting. The board voted and was all in agreeance to postpone meeting and wait for the attorney's response to the questions. Marti will notify us as soon as she receives a reply back. We will have a 21 day window that homeowners must receive notification.

•  Dead trees - $350 budget annually. Marti got a bid to remove all dead trees on lots that that belong to Riverwalk HOA.

•  Landscaping needs (pine straw) - contracted price with current landscaper. Additional area needs to be pine strawed near tennis court area not included in contracted price. A motion was made by Bill and 2 nd by Judie to have additional work completed (ask if price can be negotiable).

•  Signs - speed limit; regulated by GA DOT, privacy; will be discussed once 2013 budget is approved.

•  2012 tax filing – State law requires a licensed professional to prepare them.

•  Budget – Miscellaneous items mowing service (see old budget), took out 1 retention pond and social committee budget will be the same.

•  Un-cut lots – Marti will re-bill the owners.

•  Rental Contract – Clarify, enforce cleaning fee, re-write contract if necessary. Contract will be under review.

•  Documents requested by homeowners – Documents will be available for homeowners to review.

•  Security System – Questions and concerns were address.

Vice President Report - Stephenee Tapia: New Business

•  2013 selection of pool companies – we have 3 bids back for services. 2 pumps will need replacing this year. Selection was tabled until 2013 budget is approved.

•  2013 record keeping; rental agreements, monthly billing and account receivable balances – discuss having all files centrally located.

•  Hire a maintenance “kid” to pick up trash and routine chores during months when pool staff is off season. One suggestion was to have each board member take a month a pick up trash at front entrance during off season. Item was tabled for later discussion.

Meeting Adjourned 8:04 pm –Motion made by Stephanee and 2 nd by Judie.