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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Board Meeting -
September 11, 2012

The The meeting was call to order @ 7:07 pm @ the Clubhouse by Marti Cobb, President:

PRESENT: Marti Cobb, Stephanie Tapia, Leroy Johnson, Bill Upton and Judie Sherrer.

Secretary Report – Judie Sherrer

•  Motion was made by Leroy Johnson and 2 nd by Bill Upton to approve the minutes as stated and waive the reading of them.

Treasure Report – Leroy Johnson

•  Current HOA Balance as November 7, 2012 and treasure report was read.

•  ACP Pool Company sent us a December bill, after the certified letter was sent to them cancelling their services.

•  Sent letters with violation fees (for October occurrence) to Homeowner regarding their tenants illegally parking vehicles and trailers on the property. Question arose, as to who should receive the violation fees? Violation fees will be sent to homeowner.

•  116 homeowners have paid annual dues and 3 have not paid or paid in full.

•  Initiation fees of lot owners – 2 have been sent out and 2 didn't have address.

•  In order to have a quorum, we need 50% of property owners (to include proxy's received) plus one.

•  Hydro will be out to winterized the irrigation system in November.

•  Leroy will be out of town 11/9/12 – 11/19/12.

•  A motion was made by Bill Upton and 2 nd by Judie Sherrer to accept and approved the reading of the treasure report as stated.

Vice President Report - Stephenee Tapia:

•  Certified letter to ACP pool was received regarding terminating their service.

•  Filters for heaters.

•  Keys for the grill.

•  Shut off vales for shower in pool restroom.

Covenant Report – Bill Upton

•  Continue to bill homeowner for their tenants illegally parking vehicles and trailers on Camelia.

President Report - Marti Cobb

Old Business – Select a sign company. Motion was made by Bill and 2 nd by Stephanee to table item until January 2013.

•  Prepare for annual meeting - voting for 2013 budget; to have a budget A and budget B, or not. Creating the ballot, agenda, committee to count the votes and a parliamentarian.

•  2011 state and federal tax filing status – Leroy has an accountant that will prepare them.

•  Filters for AC units – need to determine how many are needed. No maintenance contract.

Annual meeting will be held Monday, December 3, 2012 at 7pm

Meeting Adjourned 7:75 pm –Motion made by Leroy Johnson and 2 nd by Bill Upton.