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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Board Meeting -
October 4, 2012

The meeting was call to order @ 7:04pm @ the Clubhouse by Marti Cobb, President:

Meeting call to order at 7:03 pm by President : Marti Cobb

Present: President – Marti Cobb, Treasure –Leroy Johnson, Covenant Committee- Bill Upton and Secretary - Judie Sherrer

Approved Agenda – Marti Cobb

•  Discussion to vote on having a quarterly newsletter versus quarterly meeting. Majority of homeowner's presents voted to continue to have quarterly meetings. It was voted in past to incorporated a quarterly meeting.

Secretary : Reading of the June 7, 2012 last quarterly minutes read by Judie Sherrer. A motion was made by Gene Gentry and second by Richard Duncan to accept and approved the minutes as stated.

•  21 Residents in attendance. A Quorum was not present.



Leroy Johnson reported current balance and account receivables in Riverwalk HOA account as of October 4, 2012. A motion was made Ed Richardson and second by Loet Farkas to accept and approved the treasure report as stated.

•  Propose 2013 budget will be sent out 30 prior to our annual homeowners meeting. The annual meeting is scheduled for December 3, 2012.


Marti Cobb presented the report in her absence. Pool Closed on September 30, 2012. We have terminated ACP contract and will be in search of a new pool contract. A motion was made by Ralph McCord and second by Gene Gentry accepts the report.

•  Safety issues – removing branches and tree limbs that cover street lights and stop signs.



Bill Upton – Letters were sent out to lot owners regarding un-cut lots notifying them that they are in violation of the Covenants and a daily fine will be charged .

•  Questions from homeowners – What's the order of cutting vacant lots with overgrown weeds?

•  Lawn services every 5 weeks were recommended and not take 1 year to cut them.

•  The concern of uncut lots is well over due, action needs to be taken.

•  Complaint was made by neighbor with vacant house next door of how unsightly the overgrown grass and weeds looks. It will bring down the value of our homes.

Bill's comment – The old board in the past rules were not to spend excessive money that we might not recoup. The majority of the people wanted to have it, but it was always voted down up until this year. Approximately, 54-56 empty lots will be cut within the next two weeks. Let's take a vote and ask the homeowners?

Board comments – What would be the cost? $50 initially, then the board decide how often after that. Cut back 35 ft. or to the tree line. Suggestion: Build it into the budget and invoice the lot owners. A homeowner brings to our attention that Riverwalk Enterprise, LLC has a lien on each of their properties. How do we expect to get paid from them?

A motion was made by Susan Turpen and second by Chiquita Jenkins to go ahead with cutting of the lots and invoice the lot owners the cost to get it done.


•  Steve Wood reported we are still in need of 100% participation from the community.

•  If you observe something suspicious in the neighborhood, contact the police, block captain, and neighbors.

•  Need more neighborhood watch signs and surveillance signs visible in the neighborhood.

•  Steve wants to thank Chris Wilson and Mike Siaca for the efforts in helping out with an occurrence that happen in the neighborhood.

PRESIDENT – Marti Cobb:

•  Retention Ponds – Status; we have received 3 bids for the work to be done and want to add into 2013 budget and start the job in January 2013. The plan will be to have all 4 ponds done in 2013; however, it has not been approved by the board how the work will be done.

•  Hiring an attorney – to ask specific questions, for a specific amount of money and a specific job which is to read and interpret our by-laws, original covenants and liens that we have filed against developers. The board's interpretation of these documents and some homeowners widely differs.

Questions from Homeowners?

•  Pool maintenance salaries for 3 employees? Was this budgeted for in 2012?

•  Common area maintenance? All the little things really make the community look much better.

•  Want to thank all that was involved with the clean- up of the overgrown foreclosed house on Riverwalk Dr.

•  Want to make everyone aware that the tennis courts nets need repairing or replacing.


Motion was made by Ralph McCord and second by Loet Farkas to adjourned the meeting at 7:59pm