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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Quarterly Meeting -
June 5, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm by President: Marti Cobb

Present: President – Marti Cobb
Vice President – Stephanee Tapia
Treasure –Leroy Johnson
Covenant Committee- Bill Upton
Secretary - Judie Sherrer

Secretary: Reading of the March 22, 2012 last quarterly minutes read by Secretary. A motion was made by Gail Drinkard and seconded by Ralph McCord to accept and approved the minutes as stated.

  • No parliamentarian was appointed.
  • 29 Residents in attendance. A Quorum was not present.



Steve Wood reported a representative from DC Sheriff will come out on June 7, 2012 to give an overview on protection of ourselves and neighborhood when confronted with suspicious activity and reporting a crime.

  • There are 2 – 3 tiers of neighborhood watch and crime prevention: Law enforcement, block captains and residents.
  • The goal is to attempt to get a handle on vandalism and trespassing in our community and in common areas. Recent problems: pool vandalism, beer bottle glass in playground, suspicious and unauthorized cars parked in clubhouse parking lots and on side streets.


Leroy Johnson reported current balance and account receivables in Riverwalk HOA account as of June 5, 2012. A motion was made by Billy Bradshaw and seconded by Ed Richardson to accept and approved the treasurer's report as stated.


  • Stephenee Tapia reported on the pool. Maintenance, repairs and inspections were scheduled to start April 18 through the week of May 20, 2012. Pool was opened Tree has been removed from vacant lot on Riverwalk Drive and the bank that owns the property has been billed.
  • Drainage on lower parking lot cleared, tennis courts have been cleared out, retention wall has been added to prevent mud from going onto the tennis court, hills have been cleared and shrubs planted to hold the soil.
  • Water fountain, 911 phone and showers in pool area are now working properly.
  • Received 2 bids for installing mulch in playground area. Glass has been found so the mulch will have to be raked and replaced with clean, cedar mulch.
  • 3 people hired for pool position (age requirement 21 or over and prior pool experience): Diane King, pool manager and 2 assistants Tiffany and Jordon. They are paid positions and salaries are within the 2012 budget. She wanted a more mature team for these positions.
  • WSA – responsible for cleaning streets in public right away.
  • Lighting struck sprinkler system box – as a result, pool gate latch, sprinkler system, computer equipment, pool lights on pillars and Greystone light pole in lower parking lot are not working. DH Pace and Insurance Company have been notified.
  • Received new refrigerator for clubhouse.
  • Flag Pole now has proper lighting.
  • Homeowner request for more police presence in the community especially at night when trespassers have access to enter the subdivision to vandalize, leave their trash on dark streets or even in the playground area.


No covenant report was reported at quarterly meeting.


Social Committee – Diane Wiles reports Annual Summer Kick off Pool Party and BBQ, Saturday, June 9th from 5pm- 10pm.

Retention Pond Clean Up – We have 3 bids out with same specifications on scope of work. WSA provided a vender list. Riverwalk owns the ponds and we are responsible for the maintenance of them. The problem with the ponds extends back 4 years, however, if they are not addressed the cost will continue to increase as the years pass by and nothing is done. Summary; scope of work that's required, all trees that are grown up in ponds must be cut down and removed, root system must be cleared out, leaves removed and two need fences, one immediately, one is not critical. A plan will be executed for the cleanup of the ponds.

Question: A resident recommended that the shrubs and trees are cut quarterly at the front entry.

Reply from the board: They are cut twice a year per the contract; however, she will ask All About Lawns to cut them back.

The underground drains at front entry of sub-division belong to WSA and not Riverwalk.


PRESIDENT - Marti Cobb addressed to the homeowners about hiring an attorney to ask specific questions, for a specific amount of money and a specific job which is to read and interpret our by-laws, original covenants and liens that we have filed against developers. The board's interpretation of these documents widely differs. Two of the lots were sold on the courthouse steps since the last quarterly meeting. The lots sold for more than the taxes on them, therefore, by having a lien on the lots we can submit a claim for part of those funds. A claim has been filed to get those entitled funds.

Doug Brooks asked? What is the specific question? Some of the board members interpret amendment 3 differently. He added: that it is a lot and once a residence is built on it you cannot charge $500 on it (per his attorney). He sent the board an email to this effect and did not get a response back. She added: we sent bills out to the homeowners on the vacant lots for this year. Many more questions were asked. Conclusion is there are too many unanswered questions that we do not have the legal knowledge and training to answer. We need to get the legal help so we will have clearer answers.

Richard Duncan asked? Where is it covered in the budget to hire an attorney? She added: the funds will be coming from the legal reserve fund. He stated; that fee is not in the budget. She added: for the amount he is charging us, he will read all the covenants, by-laws, 4 amendments and liens place on 4 properties. The attorney will give us a good idea where to go from here. He also added that it was voted down last year to hire an attorney at the annual meeting. She stated that the vote last year was specific to vote down putting an attorney on retainer to collect from Vansant.

The developer is gone, Riverwalk LLC no longer exists. Her question is why do we have covenants that cover something that no longer exists?

Another homeowner asked? What's your basis for saying that Riverwalk LLC no longer exists? Is it a dissolved company? She is not sure of that answer. The Office of the Secretary of State says the corporation has been dissolved but the County still lists 23 properties under their name.

Marti offered to the homeowners her list of questions she had prepared for the attorney and asked if there are more questions for the attorney, send them to her and they will be included in the final list that will be sent to the attorney.

Billy Bradshaw moved to hire an attorney for a specific dollar amount and specific questions; “board out of order” by Mr. Duncan, second motion was made by Ed Richardson. She thinks it's a good will vote if we all could agree. She's telling the homeowners that she is going ahead with the attorney on the basis of what is allowed the board.

Richard Duncan goes on record that his objection to this is that the board increased the budget without the approval of the homeowners. We came together in December 2011 and approved the budget. The board must operate within the approved budget. If the board pulls funds from the reserves, that increases your annual budget. The board will then violate the 2012 budget that was approved in December 2011. She didn't think we had increased the budget.

Another homeowner asked: Pool position – Why were teens not hired this year? Stephenee replied: At the March board meeting we decided to hire 21 years of age or older. A discussion followed about hiring a more mature team for the pool and the benefits of that decision. A statement was made that since beginning the Neighborhood Watch, leaving the lights on at the pool all night and homeowners calling the police each time they noticed anything unusual, there has not been any vandalism to the pool. Before that, there was quite a bit.

Recommendations from a homeowner: To have our Annual Meeting at the Church or library where there is more seating available for all the homeowners.


No covenant report was reported at quarterly meeting

Maintenance Committee:

Beryl Sawyer – Reported on WSA's visit regarding the retention ponds and clean-up.


We are looking for someone who will prepare welcome packets that include local information with directories to homeowners that moves into the neighborhood.


Motion was made by Bea Johnson and second by Gene Genty to adjourned the meeting at 8:35pm