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Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Special Board Meeting -
May 22, 2012

The meeting was called to order @ 7:00pm @ the Clubhouse by Marti Cobb, President: This serves as our June board meeting.

PRESENT: Marti Cobb, Stephanie Tapia, Leroy Johnson and Judie Sherrer. Two residents were present: Beryl Sawyer and Diane Wiles.


Retention Ponds – WSA Report/call for bids: Marti and Beryl Sawyer of the maintenance committee met with the representative of WSA on May 22, 2012. WSA's visit was to inform us of what is required; currently the ponds appear to be functioning satisfactorily at the present time. They do not come out to inspect the completed work. These are maintenance concerns that must be addressed or the cost of maintaining the ponds will increase each year. There are 4 retention ponds in phase 2 of the Riverwalk subdivision (1) End of Wild Herrin (2) South End of Elderberry (3) End of Elderberry and (4) South Riverwalk Drive that need cleaning out and two that don't have fences around them that create a safety issue. The board received two bids to clean out all four ponds in Riverwalk estimated at $45,000.00. The other bid was for $5,000.00 without knowing the full scope of work that needs to be completed. These are estimates pending other bids based on a description of the scope of work that will be outlined specifically.

•  If the ponds are not cleaned out and addressed this year, the cost will increase due to the rapid growth of the trees located in a good water source. The ponds have never been cleaned out since they have been in placed in the Riverwalk subdivision four plus years.

•  Discussion was brought up to add a special assessment fee along with the HOA annual fees to cover the cost of cleaning out the ponds.

•  There was no timeline to complete the cleaning out of the retention ponds, however, the maintenance and liability of the ponds is the responsibility of Riverwalk HOA.

MINUTES: Judie Sherrer - A motion was made and approved the minutes as emailed from May 1, 2012 HOA Board Meeting. A motionwas made by Leroy and seconded by Stephenee as stated.


Leroy Johnson – Current HOA Balance as of May 22, 2012 and total treasurer's report was read and distributed.

•  Money Market was deposited into DC Bank of GA.

•  Douglas County Sheriff was called out due to the suspicion that vandalism might have occurred with the sprinkler box. After sheriff came out and investigated the scene, his finding was that the sprinkler box was hit by lightning the night before and blew it to pieces throughout the side lawn.

•  Hydro sprinkler system blown up/hit by lightning storms. The lightening strike affected the computer monitoring system, lights on the pillars surrounding the pool area, entry gate into the pool, light pole (serviced by Greystone) and tennis court lighting. Suggestion to check with insurance company to see if they would cover the repairs from a natural disaster. DH Pace will be notified of electrical problem.

•  A motion was made by Stephenee and seconded by Judie to accept and approved the reading of the treasurer's report as stated.


Diane Wiles (present at the meeting) – Discussed the upcoming event summer pool party June 9th . For 2012 there are 3 scheduled events: Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Party and Halloween Party. Also addressed the issues scheduling of clubhouse rental and pool party rentals. Currently the rental rates for the clubhouse are $250 security deposit along with a 2 hour minimum of $25.

Questions addressed to Social Committee:

•  Who cleans up before and after the clubhouse has been rented out? Bea has been doing the cleaning and they have a cleaning service that comes in “on call” to clean up before or after an event. Suggestion by Diane? Have the summer students to take care of taking trash out and cleaning bathrooms. Reply by the board? The kids don't have access to the clubhouse.


Stephenee Tapia reported pool staff has been hired. A team of three has been hired; Diane King will serve as pool manager, Jordan and Tiffany will assist her. Pool staff and Stephenee will get together and make a timesheet for them to use. Signs will be posted in the enclosed pool area that “no pets are allowed” unless it is a service animal. Concerns were expressed regarding the dissatisfaction of the pool company. Other pool maintenance issues are: lights inside the pool need to be replaced, salt levels and chlorine.

•  Neighborhood watch

•  Budget – To take from one committee line item 2012 budget to pay for another 2012 budgeted line item that might go over their budget. Reply - Homeowners passed a completed budget for 2012, any changes to the budget need to be voted on by the Homeowners.

•  A motion was made by Leroy and seconded by Judie to accept and approved the reading of the Vice President's report as stated. COVENANTS REPORT:

Stephenee Tapia reported for Bill Upton – Bill spoke with Gerald Vansant in regards to a letter Mr. Vansant received from Todd Cowan, Douglas County Tax Commissioner, indicating that the property recently sold was sold in excess of the delinquent taxes . If we wanted to pursue getting a portion of those proceeds; he strongly suggests we contact legal counsel to file a claim for the excess money based on our lien on the properties. A discussion followed about whether or not Riverwalk LLC was bankrupt. That is still unknown to us.


•  HOA Dues Collection – Leroy received a letter from one Bank regarding unpaid dues.

•  Neighborhood Watch – Steve Wood is seeking volunteers from the neighborhood to be apart of this committee. He will have DC Sheriff come out and talk to us on June 7, 2012.


Marti Cobb, President:

•  Consulting with an Attorney – She spoke with a local attorney regarding the interpretation of Riverwalk Covenants and By-laws along with a list of questions to be addressed. He provided her with a onetime research flat rate fee base on 10 hours of research.

•  Do we go to the membership of Riverwalk about: (1) legal representation and list of questions to the attorney, (2) Letter from Todd Cowan, DC Tax Commissioner, (3) Vansant unpaid fees. Should funds be set aside to pursue the issue?

•  Streamlining repairs/replacements/maintenance – Right hand should let the left hand know what going on. One person should not have to do all the work.

•  No one should have to pay out of pocket to purchase supplies and be reimbursed. You should be able to request a check and shop for what's needed then submit the receipt.

•  A motion was made by Stephenee and seconded by Judie to accept and approved the reading of the President report as stated.

Meeting Adjourned 8:01pm –Motion made by Stephenee and seconded by Judie

Respectfully Submitted,
Judie Sherrer, Secretary