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Unofficial Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Board Meeting - May 1, 2012

The meeting was called to order @ 7:04pm @ the Clubhouse by Marti Cobb, President:

PRESENT: Marti Cobb, Leroy Johnson and Judie Sherrer. Two residents were present: Beryl Sawyer and David Tapia.

A motion was made and approved to waive the reading of the minutes from April 3, 2012 HOA Board Meeting. Minutes were approved as emailed to board members.


Leroy Johnson – Current HOA Balance as of May 1, 2012 and total treasurer's report was read and distributed.

  • Mr. Electric submitted a revised bill for service. This was paid.
  • All invoices were sent out to individual lot owners and bank owned lots with the exception of 4.
  • Hydro submitted two bills in 2011. Only one was paid and completed. The other, sprinklers around clubhouse, will be completed this month.


Marti Cobb reported in the absence of Stephenee Tapia

  • Playground – Safety issue with mulch. Received 1 bid from All About Lawns. Bill Howell need more time to prepare to bid on job.
  • Adult pool and kid's pool need cleaning. The cover is off and chemicals have been put in the pool.
  • Question regarding pool repair and replacement?
  • Ladder and water fountain needs repair or replacement.
  • 2 lights are out inside the pool (maybe electrical). Brown's pool has been contacted.
  • Brown's Pool Co. Invoice # 9925 quoted for pressure gauge. A motion made and approve to accepted quote for this invoice. Invoice #7048 quoted for 2 separate breakers, need electrician to make the determination of the problem.
  • Have umbrellas been ordered – No, it's not a health and safety issue. Once all major items for pool have been addressed, the board will address the purchase of umbrella's.
  • Deck and playground equipment needs pressure washing. A recommendation was to hire All About Lawns for a bid on the job.
  • Pool personnel – 6 applications were received (not all were age 21). 1 pool manager hired. Stephenee and pool manager will interview 2 other people to help out.
  • Flag Pole lighting completed
  • Sprinkler system at front entry is turned on and properly working.
  • Propane tank for grill needs to be replaced before pool opens.


Vacant lot on Riverwalk Drive has a road cut through it with pallets, paint and concrete dumped on it where workers are working on property adjacent to vacant lot. Bill Upton will be notified of this issue.

Two speed limit signs are in the storage room, where do they go? Douglas County is responsible for the signs.


Judie Sherrer – No upcoming events scheduled


No architectural control report was given.


Drains are fixed and working on sprinkler in yard.


  • Foreclosure and Lien on vacant lots.
  • Neighborhood Watch – Still seeking volunteers for the neighbor. Information is also posted on HOA Website.


Marti Cobb, President:

  • Tree will be removed from vacant lot on Riverwalk Drive and billed to the lot owner this month.
  • Vacant lots will be cut 15 ft. back from curb.
  • Next quarterly meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2012 @ 7pm in the clubhouse.
  • 3rd Amendment interpretation of the HOA Covenants was discussed
  • Letter from Real Estate Agent on behalf of a client interested in purchasing 3 lots regarding HOA fees.

Question asked regarding the pool manager? Does this person's scope of work include giving swimming lesson/classes to residents and non-resident while on duty or off duty at the pool? The response was no.

Meeting Adjourned 8:13pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Judie Sherrer, Secretary