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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Quarterly Meeting -
February 7, 2012

The meeting was called to order @ 7:00pm @ the Clubhouse by Marti Cobb, President:

PRESENT: Board Members - Marti Cobb, Stephenee Tapia, Leroy Johnson, Judie Sherrer, Bill Upton and homeowner, Loet Farkas

MINUTES: The January, 2012 minutes were emailed to the board and amended through email. A motion was made and passed to waive the reading of the amended minutes from January 12, 2012 HOA Board Meeting. The minutes were accepted as amended.


Leroy Johnson – Current HOA Balance and total treasurer's report was read. 67 residents have paid HOA dues on time and 2 have sent in partial payment. One resident sent in partial payment with a letter stating that a resident was in violation of noise ordinance (this was referred to Bill Upton, Covenants).

•  A lien on the vacant lots currently owned by the developer, Gerald Vansant, was signed and notarized. Currently, there are approximately 25 vacant lots included in the lien. They will be submitted to the court on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.Provided also was an update on two residents whose homes currently have liens on them. An updated balance due statement has been mailed to the homeowners.

•  Interest bearing account on CD's will earn .65% interest for 16 months.

•  DSL is up for renewal. A new quote was provided to include Wi-Fi and internet service. Suggestion was made to check ATT and Comcast for competitive rates.

•  In Leroy's absence due to business travel occasionally, he is requesting to have Loet Farkas as his assistant in his absence for printing checks for any incoming invoices.


Bill Upton – Neighbors have complained about a homeowner with a bird that squawks all the time. Two letters were sent out last year. Bill will send another letter out to the homeowner. This is a violation of the noise ordinance.

•  Another neighbor complained about 3 homeowner's yards that are unsightly due to an overabundance of leaves that have not been raked and are blocking the storm drain causing water to collect and stand when it rains. Douglas County Code enforcement will be notified of the issue.

•  Big thanks to Bill and Stephenee for putting up blinds in the clubhouse. They look great!


Judie Sherrer – Reported on behalf of the committee. She met with the representatives to discuss questions presented by HOA President.

•  Question #1 – A request to set aside funds for a work party for the maintenance committee in the spring in preparation of the pool opening.

•  Answer – Their recommendations was to refer this issue to the HOA Board for funds. The pool contractor is supposed to be responsible for most of the duties that were being requested to be completed by the maintenance committee and the summer hired students.

•  Question #2 - Replacement of the side by side refrigerator in the clubhouse and replace with a regular one (this one has been non-operative since late last year).

•  Answer – The representatives were in agreement with the purchase of a non side-by-side refrigerator because a regular refrigerator has wider shelf space and will more easily accommodate party platters.

•  Question#3 – Is there a list of rules for the clubhouse/pool?

•  Answer - A copy of the rental agreement which includes rules, agreement and reservation was issues to all board members. This form is also available on our HOA website. HOA president would like to be notified when residents schedule events at the clubhouse.


Stephenee Tapia – Update on the maintenance committee, there are three volunteers at the present time.

•  Refrigerator – Service call estimate to repair current one cost $1,200. A new one was found for approximately $448 from Home Depot to include delivery.

•  Entrance lighting – The bulbs and a cover for the transformer box has been ordered and received. The maintenance committee will install them.

•  Flag Pole – Three estimated were obtained in order to bring the flag pole into compliance. A suggestion was made to take the flag down and only fly it on national recognized holidays. This issue will be brought to the attention of the homeowners in the March Meeting as to keep the flag up or take it down until the recognized holidays. Also, keep the pools lights on all the time versus leaving them on the timer to automatic cut off at 11pm.

•  Metal shelving units were found to store and organize items in the storage pool room. It was recommended that plastic shelving units is preferred over metal especially in the pool storage area where there is salt water pool equipment.


•  Clarification of CPO – The pool contractor has certification and Leroy Johnson has certification that expires in 2016.

•  Blinds for the clubhouse - They have been purchased and installed.

•  Update on Neighborhood Watch – Information has been posted on HOA Website and currently looking for volunteers.

•  Homeowner's Directory – Waiting for a few residents to provide new and current information.

•  Town Hall Meeting – The meeting with our district commissioner, Ann Guider on January 28 th was attended by 3 board members and some homeowners. A question was posed regarding putting in a turning lane at entrance heading south on Hwy 5. This issue will need to be addressed to the GA DOT.


Marti Cobb, President:

•  Liens – We were informed by Douglas County that when properties have liens on them, they must be disclosed at the time of the sale of that property. Any liens on record must be satisfied prior to selling/closing of the property or lot.

•  Question asked was if HOA can file all properties under one lien, it must be witnessed and notarized. April 2, 2012, properties will be sold on the steps of Douglas County Courthouse for back taxes and any additional fees associated with each lot.

•  Protocol for responding to emails from homeowners – All emails requests will be sent to HOA President; she will distribute to appropriate board member and then reply to all members.


Meeting Adjourned 8:33pm