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Unofficial Minutes -
Riverwalk HOA Board Meeting - January 12, 2012

The meeting was called to order @ 7:01pm @ the Clubhouse by Marti Cobb, President:

PRESENT: Marti Cobb, Stephenee Tapia, Leroy Johnson, Judie Sherrer, Bill Upton and Loet Farkas

MINUTES: Reading of December 5, 2011 and December 13, 2011 minutes was waived. A motioned to accept the minutes as posted on the website was made and approved.


Leroy Johnson – Current HOA Balance was read and Profit and Loss statement was provided to reflect current balance as of 1/1/2012.

•  Question arose regarding funds being in a CD account or collecting interest. Answer – It will be researched, also will look at possibly opening a separate account for the reserves that will accrue interest and verify any penalties that might occur with a CD or money market account.

•  A recommendation was made to hire an attorney to provide legal assistance regarding homeowners that have outstanding HOA balances and liens on their property. A motion was accepted and approved.


Bill Upton – Bill indicated that there were 4 trees removed on a homeowner's lot and the issue with same homeowners parking cars in the grass and on the street continues to be a problem.

•  Contact person from Douglas County Code Enforcement is: Russell Tisome as russelltisome@co.douglas.ga.us if any resident see anything that is not in compliance with our covenants, they can take pictures and email it to him and express their concerns.

•  Our covenants state that residents cannot openly burn any leaves in the community.

•  We are in the process of identifying trees and overgrown lots to be reported to code enforcement for cutting. Not sure on their timeframe, however, it will be reported to them.

•  Question arose if Bill keeps a log of complaints. Answer- Yes.


Stephenee Tapia - Leroy Johnson provided updated information to Stephenee and explained his duties and responsibilities while holding that position.

•  First issue was opening and closing dates of the pool. May 28, 2012, pools will officially open by Memorial Day Weekend until September 30, 1012. The process has been to start preparations by May 1 st . A Certified Pool Operator (CPO) license is required. Currently Leroy has a CPO license. It will be determined if more than one board member will get an additional license. His current license will expire 4/29/2015. The pool contractor has a CPO license also and his contract with Riverwalk HOA will expire 9/30/2013.

•  Landscape Maintenance has a two year contract that will expire 2013. The contract will be open for bidding at that time.

•  Stephenee suggests that the pool room be organized and that we purchase new shelving. She will price shelving units and get a group of residents to volunteer to help put up the shelves and organize items in the pool room.

•  Refrigerator in the clubhouse needs to be repaired or replaced. It was purchase in 2007 when the clubhouse was completed. A service call will be made to get a quote on repair. At that time it will be determine if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

•  It was brought to Stephanee's attention the procedures for renting the clubhouse; a hired cleaning service comes in to clean after each party. The Social Committee inspects the clubhouse prior to the day of a rental event schedule.


•  Entrance lighting currently have 25 watt lights that do not illuminate the entry way properly. Suggestions were to increase the wattage to 100 watt bulbs for a brighter entrance.

•  Need to know what committee's are currently in effect for the HOA? Social Committee, Neighborhood Watch (not active) and Architectural Control.

•  Retention Ponds – There are a total of four ponds (1) with a fence and the other (3) do not have fences due to the fact that they would need to be accessed through private property.

•  Furnishing clubhouse – A motion was made and passed to install window treatments (white blinds, high gloss and 2inches). Bill Upton volunteered to install them.

•  A motion was made and passed to carry forward all committees that were in place in 2011.

•  2012 Homeowners Directory should reflect homeowner's information only (not tenant's leasing property). Gail Drinkard will make sure the directory reflects this information.


Marti Cobb, President:

•  Proposal to add a new committee: A Maintenance Committee to assess maintenance needs of our common property and handle small jobs that may come up during the year. This will not include jobs that require a licensed or certified professional. A motion was made and passed to form a Maintenance Committee.

•  Reminder of the Town Hall Meeting with the Commissioner for our District will be held Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 10am at the new Douglas County Library on Hwy 5 South.

•  Monthly Board Meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the clubhouse.

•  December 3, 2012 is the date scheduled for the Annual Homeowners Association Meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 8:50pm