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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




Unofficial Minutes -
HOA Board Meeting - April 11, 2011


The meeting was call to order @ 7:05pm @ the Clubhouse by president Brooks:

PRESENT: Douglas Brooks, Loet Farkas, Bill Upton, Leroy Johnson and Judie Sherrer

MINUTES: March 22, 2011 read and approved.


Loet Farkas – Treasure report given.

  • All late fees have been turned in to a collection agency.
  • Yard Sale schedule for May 7, 2011. Cost is $5.00 per resident that participate. Permit number is required for all participants.
  • Suggestions to use realtor in neighborhood and ask for referral fee. ReMax is no longer in business that advertises for Riverwalk.
  • Prepare new homeowners/welcome package that highlights an overview of covenants, pool keys and directory.
  • Irrigation System: Pending a bid from Hydro
  • Pending a bid from DH Pace on Security System.


Judie Sherrer – No report given minutes.


Bill Upton – Sent letters out regarding cutting lots on the Estates side and lots on the new side.

  • Called animal control regarding barking dog on Larch Lane. This issue is not HOA Board issue, it is animal control issue.
  • Trees that have fallen from windstorm on vacant lots: Who is responsible for cutting trees that have fallen on vacant lots (to be determined)?


Leroy Johnson – Pool maintenance summer job positions. The Board will hire 2 or more summer youth workers.

  • Job description, application and requirements were presented to the board.
  • Pool hours discussed: Sun – Thurs. 10am to 10 pm. Fri – Sat. 10am to 11pm.
  • Discussion to hire part time sheriff or off duty security to monitor the pool area on the weekends.


Doug Brooks – Contacted Gail to put revised covenant on the website.

  • We have 30 days to comply once the revisions have been posted. Voting will commence on May 12, 2011 at the next Quarterly Homeowners Meeting.
  • Letter to lot owners: Liens and cutting grass on vacant lots. We will hire an attorney to address these issues.


•  Next HOA Quarterly meeting schedule for May 12, 2011.

•  Next Board Meeting schedule for May 2, 2011.

Meeting adjourned 8:12pm