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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

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Unofficial Minutes -
HOA Board Meeting - February 8, 2011

Unapproved Minutes


February 8, 2011

The meeting was call to order @ 7:00pm @ the Doug Brooks residence by president Brooks:

PRESENT: Douglas Brooks, Loet Farkas, Bill Upton, Leroy Johnson and Judie Sherrer


Loet Farkas - Reported that 33 homeowners have not paid for 2011.

  • Prepared statements and invoice statements were sent to Mr. Vansant. He owes $21,559.68 (2008 - $3,322, 2009 - $9,281.35 and 2010 - $8,958.51).
  • Question – Put liens on his properties (or) send to a collection agency. A motion was approved to send to collection agency for those lots that are 6 months or more lately on paying fees.


Leroy Johnson – No minutes from last meeting, they were forwarded to Doug Brooks. Motion was approved to waive the reading of secretary minutes.


Bill Upton – Landscape Issues: ABH Homes, 4 lots need to be cut at $25 per lot.


Leroy Johnson – A homeowner wanted to rent the clubhouse on February 26 th 2011 with a $200 deposit; proposed questions was completion date of repairs. Mr. Johnson will verify completion date with contractors.


Doug Brooks –

  • Put a left turning lane into Riverwalk subdivision. The State requires meter checks by a state worker pre and post entry into the subdivision for a feasibility study prior to making an approval.
  • Trails - The trails is on individual homeowners property (the plat map was surveyed). In order to keep a trail we would have to get each individual homeowner to approve having part of the trail on the lot. The trail is not advertised in the HOA and would become a labiality issue, therefore, the board motion to strike off the unofficial trail and notify Gail to have her post on our website.
  • Non-resident wants to build another drive way onto our sub-division (limited access easement) which requires cutting the curb of another homeowner.
  • Riverwalk Directories – Pass out new directories and have each homeowners sign for each (date to be determine).
  • By-Laws changes was passed and approved. Initiation fees - Section 12, Resale. 2/3 of homeowners must vote, therefore, we will take ballets to neighbors and have them sign and issue the directory. Motion was approved.
  • Clubhouse – $600 deductible for repairs of clubhouse includes: mold and mildew, shut off valve, wrap pipes and insulate them, door glue and glass shrunk, get new door vs. fix existing door and change locks.
  • Alarm Systems – 3 companies to bid on project (to cover the pump room, bathrooms and have keyless remote to turn on/off).
  • Flag Pole needs to go up.
  • Leroy Johnson is appointed CPO. Motion accepted and approved.


  • Landscaper - 30 day notice for current contractor. He is on a month to month contract. The bid is open to all landscape contractors to bid on the job. Motion accepted and approved.
  • Next HOA Quarterly meeting schedule for April (no date determined).
  • Riverwalk Beautification Day Spring (no date determined).
  • Next Board Meeting schedule for March 10 th, 2011.

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm