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We want to welcome the new Riverwalk residents to our Homeowners Association!

We look forward to getting to know you.




HOA Quarterly Meeting - September 8, 2011


September 8, 2011

Meeting call to order at 7:00 pm by President: Doug Brooks


President – Doug Brooks
Vice President – Leroy Johnson
Treasure - Loet Farkas
Bill Upton – Covenant Committee
Judie Sherrer - Secretary

Secretary: Reading of the May 12, 2011 Quarterly minutes read by Secretary, Judie Sherrer, there were 25 residents in attendance. A quorum was not present. A motion was made to accept and approved the minutes as stated.

Richard Duncan was appointed Parliamentarian.

Motion to adopt agenda and appointment a Parliamentarian was accepted and approved.



Loet Farkas reported current balance and account receivables in Riverwalk HOA account. A copy of the report was distributed to homeowners present at the meeting. The pool contractor has a three year contract that's in effect until September 30, 2013. All About Lawns care is now our lawn maintenance contractor for Riverwalk. There were 4 bids submitted. A motion was made to accept and approved the treasure report as stated.


Judie Sherrer reported that stop signs and speed limits are not being adhered to in the community. We have found two speed limit signs that have been pulled up from the ground and tossed in the woods. They were found and placed on the side of the clubhouse. A neighborhood watch committee was formed in 2009. It is currently inactive. We encourage all residence to review the HOA Website on a regular basis for updates and current events. A motion was made to accept and approved the secretary report as stated.

COVENANT OFFICER : No report given at this time.


Doug Brooks reported update on walking trail, the trail cross through resident's private property. It is not owned by the sub-division. The easement on Wild Herron is owned by Riverwalk LLC. Vacant lots that are not mowed are on private property, it is considered trespassing on private property to removed tress and mow the lots. However, lots that pose a safety issue are being cut 3ft from the curb at a rate of $25 per lot. Riverwalk LLC owns a majority of the lots still owe us approximately $30,000. A proposal was discussed how Riverwalk HOA could recoup funds owed to us by Mr. Vansant – hire an attorney. It was open for discussion to vote at the annual meeting to hire an attorney. A motion was made to accept and approved the president report as stated.


Leroy Johnson reported update on progress of student working at pool area this summer. There were six students hired. Now that school is in session, they will keep Tiffany on as part-time until the closing of the pool September 30, 2011. A motion was made to accept and approved the vice president report as stated. 


Bill Upton reported on behalf of architectural review that there is no new request. A motion was made to accept and approved the architectural report as stated.


Diane Wiles reported on the Summer Kick-Off Pool Party and BBQ in June 2011. It was a success and thanks everyone on the committee that helped in preparation, planning and cooking the BBQ. The committee came within the budget they allocated for this event. The next upcoming event will be in October for Halloween. A motion was made to accept and approved the social committee report as stated.


  • Over grown vacant lots that need cutting. They are on private property; therefore, if you do not own the lot you are trespassing on private property.
  • Stop signs and speed limits are not being adhered to in the community.

NEW BUSSINESS: Discussions

  • Annual Board meeting will be Tuesday, December 6, 2011.
  • There will be 3 position up for election. Loet Farkas and Doug Brooks will not be running in the upcoming election.
  • Pool will close September 30, 2011.
  • Vote on hiring an attorney to assist with legal matters.
  • There is no builder in our subdivision at the current time.

A Motion to extend the meeting 15 minutes made by Billy Bradshaw and 2nd by Richard Duncan.


  • Five umbrellas from the pool furniture will be trashed and replace for 2012.
  • Vandalism – Our video surveillance cameras are on 24 hours a day.
  • The Sheriff Department will be contacted to come out and speak to residents and re-activate our neighbor watch.
  • Volunteers will need to form a neighborhood watch committee.
  • Landscape shrubs at front entrance is overgrown (heading North on Hwy 5) and has covered the light fixtures.
  • No Section 8 rentals are allowed in Riverwalk Subdivision based on the covenants of our association.

Motion made and approved to adjourn at 8:09 pm