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New Homes

Your Homeowners Association has worked carefully with the builders in the new section of Riverwalk to assure that the homes built are to the standards set forth in agreement with the buijlders.



Architectural Control Committee Application

If you are planning to make improvements to your home or landscaping, please remember the HOA Covenants state an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Application must be submitted prior to making any changes. This includes any changes to either the property or the exterior of the dwelling must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee. These changes apply to landscape, removing trees with a diameter of 6" or larger, exterior painting with a change in colors, additions or subtractions, driveways, walks or added parking space.

As stated in the Covenants :

No building structure, deck, patio, porch, covered walk, arbor, sidewalk, driveway, exterior lighting, outbuilding, fences, gates, walls, exterior hot tub, swimming pool, or any other improvement or major landscaping, cutting down trees larger than 6”in diameter, shall be erected, placed, or altered on any lot unless and until the lot owner has submitted plans for such construction and/or changes to the ACC person. The application shall be received and written approval is given.

If you are unsure about a project you are planning for your home please contact the ACC person, Allison Tinsley with your questions or concerns at  RiverWalkHOACovenant@gmail.com

Click here for the Architectural Review Application

The Procedures for Tree Removal are:

  • Any Live Tree over 6”in diameter measured from a point 2' above ground level is clearly marked.
  • If numerous trees are to be removed, please mark the remaining trees in a different color.
  • A detailed plan of plants and shrubbery you plan to add to any area visible from the street must be submitted with the application.

Following these procedures will facilitate processing of the application. The link to the ACC Application is located above. The completed application can be sent by email to RiverWalkHOACovenant@gmail.com or put in the mailbox at the Clubhouse.

If you any questions about the process, please contact
Allison Tinsley at 248-909-2293 , email RiverWalkHOACovenant@gmail.com